Meet jeweler Nick Pietsch


Minerals drive the passions behind Nick Pietschs’ (NpDesigns) jewelry and mineral sculptures.  He has been collecting quartz crystals in the Cascade mountains for over 30 years and has been in Index since 2010.  His family loves to play in the Skykomish River, hike around the wonderful area forest trails, and ski in the winter.

Nick’s favorite materials are sterling silver, 18k gold, elevator bolts, tourmaline, turquoise, mawsitsit, sugulite, chrysoprase, ruby, lapis, star sapphire and hematite.

Besides Ellie & Clarence, you can find Nick’s work on Facebook , Etsy and Instagram!
All jewelry photos courtesy of the artist

Halloween in Index: a poem & a party!


A Fall Festival is taking place now through Halloween at the Riverhouse in Index. We have already partaken of one Karaoke session (there is another chance at the Halloween party here Saturday night, October 30!) and an illuminating Dutch Oven cooking class. Please call them for more information (425) 883-9039. We hope to see you at the party where there will be contests, costumes and of course the singing.