Meet potter Rebecca English


Rebecca English has been providing Ellie & Clarence since its beginnings with bright, whimsical, rainbow colored bowls and small plates that are both beautiful and affordable. Her blue and purple hues are especially magnificent!

Rebecca has been making pottery since she was 16 with help from mentor and current boss Larry Bruning of Bruning Pottery in Snohomish, Washington. Now living with her family in Skyko 5, Rebecca has lived in the Skykomish Valley all of her life.

“I eat, sleep and make pots,” explains the artist — and we are grateful for it!



Your Timekard is ready!

It’s easy to promise a friend that you’ll ‘get in touch’ yet before you know it weeks have flown by. Part-time Sky Valley resident and entrepreneur Carrie Byrne is here to help! Her Timekard line of quality time commitment cards include plans such as “I want to take you on a hike in the mountains,” “I want to compose you a poem,” “I want to find you a sunset,” and “Let’s plan our next vacation.”


From her website:

Timekard is really simple. Your gift kard is an invitation to share quality time with another person. Pair your good intentions with a handsome delivery vehicle, add an RSVP, and you’ll be making memories in no time.

Remember making gift certificates for people when you were a kid? Maybe you offered to wash the car, do the dishes, walk the dog. Thoughtfulness and time were the two main ingredients.

Timekard is your modern gift kard to share quality time with the people who matter most. No special occasion required, although birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays are primetime.

We are excited to debut these unique items at Ellie & Clarence! Timekards sell in singles or packs of three, each including a beautiful hand-silkscreened enclosure along with a mailing envelope.

Thank you, Carrie, for helping us turn promises into action!

ECTimekard08 copy.jpgECTimekard04 copy.jpg