Taco Cat!!!

Did you know that ‘Taco Cat’ spelled backward is Taco Cat? Discover more fascinating messages while perusing our rack of Edie Everette Wear garments. Each piece is a one of a kind fun, beautiful, comfy, colorful experience.

Turn some heads, why dontcha?

Open 11-3 Saturday and Sunday or by appointment (Just email us at ellieandclarence@outlook.com and if we’re around we’ll meet you there!).

Pull yourself up by your…


These miniature, leather hip waders by Sylvia Roundtree will help you tramp through mini rivers with style. Ms. Roundtree’s work is beautifully crafted and very popular — we are excited to have it available in our beautiful river-town shop. These pieces are set in shadowboxes that open and are lined with prints of muralist David Hose‘s paintings. The boots and waders can be taken out and placed anywhere you desire.