Meet clay artist Peter Olsen


Ellie & Clarence is proud to carry works by Peter Olsen who grew up in rural Wisconsin, where, among other things, he was in the 4H club and the Wisconsin Youth Symphony. He studied music at University and in grad school, and thought that he would end up playing the french horn in an orchestra.  After grad school he took a break from music at a theological resource center in London and ended up staying there for ten years.  During a sabbatical from that job he discovered clay, and has been hooked ever since.

Says Peter:

I collaborate with my friends to fire the work that I make, so these pots can be seen as the emergence of events, as much as the finished objects.

The sculptural potential of simple shapes and the arrangement possibilities interest me.  The dialogue of one pot next to another is bigger than the sum of the parts.

Age and familiarity improve the piece.

Olsen is also the Executive Director of Seward Park Clay Studio and has an amazing studio and a wood fire kiln right here in Index, Washington, where he spends as much free time as he can!

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