Our Map: Creative Nonfiction


platillustrated.jpgSide by side this Plat of Index and illustrated Index map show why we love maps so much! The technical plat map lays out the vision of the early pioneers with measured plots and distinct street names demonstrating our heritage. The illustrated map takes those same facts and presents them in an original and imaginative way. In the ‘The Art of the Illustrated Map” , John Roman describes the illustrated map as ‘music to our eyes’.

At Ellie & Clarence we have appreciation for both. During May, preservation month, we have  the Plat map available framed , with proceeds going to support the local ‘Index Historical Society”. Our illustrated map is a shop standard and always garners a deep response from visitors and brings focus to the personality of ‘Index’ . The humor and insider knowledge captured by the artist have made it a popular item with customers.  You can find our ‘creative nonfiction’  illustrated map of Index in the shop …  framed, on totes, tea towels and pillows.

Join us Saturday, read more herehttp://www.monroemonitor.com/tag/preservation-month/


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